The Ohio State University is one of the first, and leading, universities in the country to partner with the American Heart Association’s Hands-Only CPR (University) Pilot Program. The Ohio State University works in conjunction with many organization such as the American Heart Association, OSU Center for EMS, and Columbus Division of Fire. The purpose of this initiative is to train as many people in CPR as possible in order to create a safe and responsible community in Columbus along with increasing bystander CPR rates. If someone has a cardiac arrest, every minute you wait, their survival decreases by 10%. So learn CPR, take action, and save a life!


Hands-Only CPR at OSU is an internship lead by Dr. Ashish Panchal, Medical Director for OSU Center for EMS, and is composed of 15 dedicated undergraduate interns at Ohio State. All students are BLS certified and taught how to train people in Hands-Only CPR by AHA. Members have trained over 3,236 people at the university and community level. 


The Cardiac Arrest Internship was honored by the American Heart Association for Outstanding Community Service. 

OSU Hands-Only CPR works closely with Residence Life and Sorority and Fraternity Life at OSU to provide training to RAs, residents, and Greek life members. We have also worked with numerous student organizations and OSU staff, and hold “open air” events where we provide fast training services to students on campus during the day. Our partnership with AHA allows us to reach out to the local Columbus community to teach CPR. We have held events at churches, community fairs, AHA events, and more! Visit our contact page if you are interested in holding an event for your organization.

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